Donate your spare change. Automatically.

A little change can do a lot of good

Supporting non-profits throughout the Lowcountry
Supporting non-profits throughout the Lowcountry

100% of your spare change donations are tax-deductible[1] and given to the charity of your choice.

It's easy to get started. Here's how it works:

1. Connect a credit or debit card to collect its spare change

2. Set a maximum weekly donation (as low as $1) to stay within your budget

3. Choose the charity that will receive your donations

As you spend, your spare change is added up and donated automatically each week on your behalf

Get started in less than 5 minutes

DollarUp works directly with charities to make sure your donations end up in the right hands

If you work with a charity, learn how DollarUp works here.

Tax Benefits

Donations generated in DollarUp are given to your selected charity and in some cases are tax-deductible1.

Tax deductions allow you to lower the taxes you owe at the end of each year and maximize your return.

You can export your donation history at any time from your DollarUp account for your personal records.

[1] Deductions are available when filing form 1040 Schedule A, which is generally used when the itemized deduction exceeds the standard deduction. Before filing, always consult your tax adviser.

Low Transfer Fees

DollarUp’s cutting-edge technology will allow us to reduce fees as we grow. Over time, our goal is to make DollarUp completely free.

Until then, DollarUp collects a small transfer fee to help cover our costs. This includes everything from bank fees to the servers and tools that help us operate!

Fees are attached to each transfer, rather than taken out from your donation - ensuring that 100% of your change goes to the charity of your choice.

Did you know?

By including transfer fees with donations, charities are able to participate in DollarUp with absolutely no charges or fees - ever.

Credit Card

ACH Fee: $0.34

Most donors take advantage of ACH transfers by connecting directly to a bank account. This method is the easiest to set up and has the lowest fees, making it a win-win!

Example Donation

Mon Coffee Shop $4.21 +$0.79
Tue Gas Station $29.12 +$0.88
Wed Pharmacy $11.03 +$0.97
Thu Electric Bill $47.14 +$0.86
Fri Movie Theater $18.30 +$0.70
Sat Restaurant $48.49 +$0.51
Sun Convenience Store $3.64 +$0.36
Total Donation $5.07
ACH Transfer Fee +$0.34
Total Transfer $5.41

Maximize your donations

One-time Donations

Feeling generous? Donate up to $20 at any time, with no effect on your spare change contributions.

Referral Donations

For every friend or family member you refer to DollarUp, an extra $1 donation will be made to your charity at no cost to you.

Complete Control

Add and remove financial accounts, change your maximum weekly limit, or pause your donations at any time.


Your financial credentials are handled securely and never stored by DollarUp. View our privacy policy for more details.


Your privacy is our number one priority. DollarUp never sells, shares, or distributes your information to any unauthorized third parties.

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