A free platform for collecting small, frequent donations

No processing fees or charges for non-profit organizations. Ever.


Donations are collected directly from the users by DollarUp and earmarked for the user’s selected charity.


Donations are aggregated across all donors on a monthly basis and disbursed to the charity in a single amount each month. Disbursements include an anonymized list of donors and amounts for any optional accounting.

Donor Information

For the privacy of our users, DollarUp only discloses contact information if an individual’s donation amount to a single organization in a calendar year exceeds $250, allowing for an optional acknowledgement letter.

Connect with Donors

Donors receive monthly donation statements that include optional messages and links to social media from their supported non-profits. Let donors know about upcoming events or how the donations were put to use each month.

Expand your Reach

DollarUp reaches a wide variety of users across the country, and makes it easier for everyone to start donating. Marketing campaigns through DollarUp can bring your charity into the spotlight and reach a brand new audience.

Low-Touch Management

DollarUp’s easy-to-use dashboard helps monitor donations and provides tools to reach out to existing and future donors. Any management beyond the initial setup is 100% optional, but available at any time.

It's easy to get started, and completely free.